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Looe Primary Curriculum

You may be aware of the changes that have been happening with the curriculum. The government has introduced a new national curriculum that tells schools what it expects pupils of different ages to learn.
However, any school that is an Academy can chose its' own curriculum.
Here at Looe we are working towards creating a curriculum map for each year group - this would allow you to see what each child in each year group will be taught across the year. It will also allow us to make sure we are teaching everything required so that all children are supported to reach national expectations for the end of each year. We will be able to share these as they are created across the year.
At the moment we use topics our children have enjoyed topics such as toys in the younger classes and Brazil in year 6. For the Autumn term we have been learning about World War One and will be moving onto topics about Looe. A topic helps us teach traditional subjects such as history, art and geography in a way that makes learning make sense to pupils - using a map about the place you are learning about or researching famous events from the past for example. The topic map for this school year is on the website too, (in the class pages) as are the maths and literacy year group expectations.
Homework expectations are set out in each year group but always relate to the learning expectations and are often topic related.

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27 Oct, Mon - Half Term
03 Nov, Mon - Children return to school
19 Dec, Fri - Last day of term
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