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Welcome to the Head's Blog - Janine Waring 

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Looe Panathlon 

Anyone for curling?

As we fast approach the end of a very busy, but very different term, we have been trying out all sports and activities 'different' too. 

We are beginning a big focus on healthy eating and being active and we have already communicated this a little in our request for healthy lunch boxes after the Christmas break. 

Last week the children participated in a whole school health and well-being day, looking at healthy eating and inclusive sports.  In the morning, some of the pupils took part in an inclusive panathlon sports day where they took part in new age curling games and ten-pin bowling.  All pupils engaged fantastically well in every activity and learnt about how we can adapt sports in such a way that everyone can join in.

We also learnt about the importance of healthy eating and packed lunches, with each class taking a slightly different focus on the subject.  For example, Mr Franklin's and Miss Newcombe's class tried salads, Year 6 enjoyed some fruit platters and Years 2,3 and 4 enjoyed making some Christmas cards using vegetable printing.

We will do more of these types of activities over the coming months and will look forward to the new types of games that we can play.



Time to Play 

Outdoor Learning

In amongst the rain showers, we have been blessed with some good weather and we have been making the most of being able to encourage the children to play and learn outdoors.  In Key Stage 1,  play remains one of the most significant elements of effective learning and you may have noticed that the Key Stage 1 outdoor learning space has been taking on more shape since the beginning of term.  The staff and even one of the teacher's parents have been busy sourcing new ways to provide equipment and resources to help the children to play with imagination and physical activity.  Being able to control muscles and developing the fine motor skills required to be able to write is so important in this age group, so we have been working hard to ensure that the children muscular strength and resilience to help them in the more formal classroom environment and when they write.

The children have a mixture of time indoors and outdoors and we have been trying to engage as much as possible outside while we can so that we can be as safe as possible from coronavirus.  It may be noisy and it is definitely messy at times, but it is the perfect environment for the children to explore their learning and understanding through play and role play with their friends.  It also helps them to develop positive relationships and to test their thoughts and feelings in safe environment.

Our final picture here shows the stunning view that our younger children also have at their finger tips. It is sunrise at Looe Primary.  We never take our beautiful environment for granted and some of our youngest children have already been out and about exploring, including a walk to the Wooldown last week on a beautiful afternoon.  The scenery and local sights offer a great resource for the children and they use it to inspire many elements of their learning.  We are so lucky to live and learn where we do and in the current circumstance, we are even more grateful for the amazing environment that we can provide for the children to learn and play.

We are very lucky and although we cannot invite you in at the moment, hopefully these snippets in time help to reassure you that your children are happy as they learn and have a wonderful team of teachers and support staff around them.


Torchlight Reading 

Even though our wonderful school had been open all of the way through the initial lockdown period,  we were still not sure how the children would feel and how they would cope with the whole school returned.  I am therefore delighted that almost 4 weeks in, despite some changes of procedure we are doing well and the children have been amazing.  There is less interaction between classes and staff, but we have all adapted to the new bubbles and washing our hands many times a day in order to stay as safe as possible.  With careful thought, many of the activities we would normally include in the curriculum can still carry on and from the lessons we learned throughout the lockdown period, there are also many other opportunities that we have been able to provide.  Class bubbles are well protected and this means that pupils can still interact with each other.  The torchlight reading session in this photograph was taking place with bright light outside and the pupils were very eager to read to each other in a slightly different way.  I am very proud and thankful for all of the support and kind wishes that we have received from parents and members of the community; it helps us to maintain the motivation and determination to provide the best education possible for all of the children in our care.  It may be tough times, but there is also never a better time than now to be a proud leader of a wonderful school.


Staying safe online 

Many of us are online a lot more at the moment, and while there are many benefits to this method of communication, there are also cautions too. 

Please visit our online safety resources page for tips using various games/platforms.


Update on Covid-19 

Dear Parents and Carers,

We are sure that, like us, you have lots of questions following the Prime Minister's announcement last night.
At the moment, for us in school, there is no change to the guidance, so we will be continuing to operate as we have over the last few weeks. We will continue to provide essential child care for key worker families as well as vulnerable children.
The message remains that it is safer to stay at home.
We appreciate this is a confusing time. Once we have received further information and reviewed the guidance on how to manage a safe, phased return we will of course keep you informed.
Please stay safe and take care.
Kindest regards
Mrs Waring


VE Day in Lockdown 

A Day to remember in so many ways

No one can deny the strange circumstance in which we find ourselves at the moment, and no day has been as different and as unexpected as today.  We feel so privileged to be able to help and support the children of key workers and those requiring support and today was made more special because if it were not for lockdown, the school would not have been open and we would not have been able to celebrate VE Day in quite the same way.  With just 11 children, Mrs Burtoft and Mr Franklin to join me, we have made sure that we played our part in remembering and understanding everything that today represents.

We watched the television in the lead up to the two minute silence and it was very interesting to see the children's' reactions to some of the images.  We observed the silence and had fun making chocolate crispy cakes and decorating biscuits in red white and blue.

As the day wore on, we re-created some of the images that were seen on Remembrance Day to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the end of World War One and there is lots of homemade bunting on display.

No formal learning today, but such a beautiful way to reflect on what we face currently and to cherish the fact that we still have beautiful, healthy children still at the heart of all that we do.

We do not know that the next few weeks and months bring and certainly not in terms of education and enabling children, staff and parents to safely come to school, but when the time comes, I know that I will not be the only one who will feel blessed and grateful that we are back on a road to some kind of normality.

Children are great levellers and while we have not been able to see the vast majority of you, the wonderful things that have been sent through in words and pictures have kept all of us going, both those fit and able to work and provide support in school, and those who are working remotely because they cannot safely come to school.

Whatever VE Day means for you and however you celebrate and commemorate, we would like to send our good wishes that you are all safe and well.  Thank you too to my wonderful team of staff who continue to provide such an amazing and unrelenting response to helping to make sure that you can home educate your children as easily as possible.

We know it's not easy, but we think you are all doing a fantastic job!

Have a lovely weekend everyone and please remember that we are available via email and you can catch up with what we are doing on our Facebook page.


Home Learning after Easter 

Happy Easter everyone! 

I hope that you are all well and safe.  You have all been very much in our thoughts over the last few weeks.  We have seen some of you, but not all obviously and this has been hard.  It is the strangest of times, but we have remained open and have been proud to help those children who have parents who are key workers and who fit the categories that we are permitted to support.  It goes without saying that it is a privilege to be able to help and support in any way.  As you can see from the picture, we have been having lots of fun while showing our support at the same time!

We have not been in touch too much over the last few weeks as we wanted you all to have a break, but we are mindful that term would have started again on Tuesday.  Therefore, very soon you will find a new blog from your child's class teacher with a new style of home learning choice for you.  There is lots of choice out there on the internet now, and the Department for Education have also supplied a very useful list of resources that they recommend.  However, we would ask that you follow the framework that we have provided to ensure that we get as much of the right curriculum content in for your children.  The other resources are then helpful if you need more, or your child simply refuses to engage and you need more resources to try to tempt them to work with you.

We have changed the format to make the work easier to find and to complete.  There are grids for English, maths and curriculum and the resources are designed not to be printed.  However, if you do still need paper copies, please do get in touch.  We are open every day from 8.30am to 3.00pm and there will be someone available to answer the phone; if you do not get an immediate answer, leave a message and we will get back to you asap  Please also feel free to contact the class teachers directly via email as they can help too, although they cannot phone you unless they are in school.

Please, please, please remember that we do want your children to continue to learn, but this must not be stressful - we do not expect you to be teachers. Please also remember that we can offer emotional support too; just get in touch - we are here for you too.  As ever, reading and times tables are the biggest priority.

Look out on Facebook too - we are also planning a few fun things to raise a smile over the next week or two!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone - you have my permission to eat as much chocolate as you like and please do stay safe.  We miss you!


School Closure Information 

How to Access Work for your Child

Today has become a very interesting day and it will be one of those days where I think many of us will be saying, '... I remember where I was when the Prime Minister closed schools'. (I was in my office, watching avidly with Miss Hearnden and Mrs Burtoft!)

We have all been speculating what might happen in this very strange situation in which we find ourselves, so to some extent, while we are disappointed to have to close, we completely understand why.  It is our imperative now to support you as much as possible in the educational and emotional care of your children while they are unable to come to school.  We will of course wait for confirmation of how we will support vulnerable pupils and those children of key workers in essential positions, but once we know, we will communicate this to you as soon as possible.  In the meantime, it would be most helpful if you could only communicate with reference to ongoing absence.  This will enable us to spend more time preparing quality materials for you to use at home as well as continuing to teach those children who can still be at school until we close at the end of the day on Friday.

In the main menu section of the website, you will find the Class pages.  This is the page where we write class blogs for you.  They now also contain suitable materials for you to use at home.  The material posted now provides enough work to last until the end of term (27th March) and we will continue to post beyond that point.  We are sending a work book to write in for children who are still in school, and if your child cannot be here in the next two days, please use any suitable paper or notebooks that you have already.  Do not worry about any of this and we understand that for many parents who have more than one child and where you have to work from home for example, completing learning with your child will be difficult every day.  While teachers and staff who have been able to be in school have been focussing on the children in our care, the work on the Class pages for this week and next has been provided by those teachers who have been at home.  I would like to thank them for this as they have provided it very quickly and there is more than enough work for all age groups.  Once we are closed for the majority of pupils, the content on the Class pages will be provided by the class teachers.

Please remember that there are many other ways to learn.  Reading books, watching films and talking about them, playing traditional games such as board games, looking for bugs in the garden and then researching what they are, completing jigsaws for fine motor skills etc. are just as valuable as learning experiences.  There are also some amazing apps and websites that can be used in portions of time that can aid and progress learning.  Good examples of these that we recommend are Duolingo and GoNoodle as well as Mathletics and TTRockstars that you may already be aware of.  Please check the content of the class pages daily, especially from next week, as we will add more and more resources over time.  After the Easter break, we will change the format of the resources to give you more choice and flexibility with the learning that we will provide.

We will continue to send you emails and we will use Facebook to highlight new content. Feel free to email us during school hours if you have any questions.  Please do bear in mind that while some staff may be at home, they may also find it challenging to respond immediately, as they may be also looking after and caring for family members. We will always reply as soon as we can.  You can either email me at jwaring@looeprimary.co.uk, especially if you have a general question or comment, or if your message is about learning and content on the Class page for your child, please email the class teacher using their initial and surname followed by @looeprimary.co.uk (e.g. bhearnden@looeprimary.co.uk)

Finally, thank you so much for your patience, support and response to our increasingly challenging situation over this last week.  We have been overwhelmed by the positive comments and the children have been very calm, and interested in understanding the situation in which we find ourselves, even if they are a little fed up of washing their hands!  This is a difficult and unknown time for us all, so from our amazing Looe Primary Academy community, I send our best wishes and hopes that you can all stay safe, fit and well in the coming weeks and months.  If you have any photographs that you are willing to share of the activities you get up to when learning at home, please do send them to me and I may be able to add them to my blog; a great way to keep in touch and raise much needed smiles.

Kind regards
Janine Waring


Singing to Share our Message 

Bridge Schools Trust Singing Event

Over the last few months, children in the Trust have been working to write a song about climate change. To achieve this, they were visited by some guest speakers to help them to think about what climate change means to them and how they might be able to spread the message and do their own small things to help.  They were given time with a professional musician to write the music for a song.  Yesterday, it all came together at St. Martin's church in Liskeard where the schools came together to share their songs.  Singing has a strong tradition at Looe and we were delighted to be part of this project.  Mrs Smerdon was as ever very complimentary about the standard achieved by the children.    Well done yet again to Year 6!


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