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Remote learning Day 16
Happy Hump day - It's Wednesday! Some RE for topic this afternoon. Please do your reading eggs you have 3 assignments a week - so far only 7 people have done one :-( and mathletics doesn't look much better. You have assigned activities that will help you! I cannot move you on to our new topic because so many of you haven't finished the multiplication and division tasks which should have taken 8 sessions...

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Remote Learning Day 15
Tuesday and 3 weeks of remote learning now. We are all getting very good at this! Here are the resources for the day.


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Remote Learning Day 14
Happy Monday and I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. This week we are story writing and learning about fractions in maths. We are continuing with our Tudor topic with an RE lesson too :-)

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Remote Learning Day 13
Happy Friday! A big shout out to Mimi and Eliza for winning my active award :-) Eliza's dog is almost as big as her and Mimi's boxing skills seem like a great way to let of some frustration! Today is the day that we all crack long multiplication lattice method - I have been so proud of you all this week for working so hard to tackle short division and long multiplication. Well done.

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Remote Learning Day 12
So sorry I've had the date wrong all week. Today I will talk to the children about sending me their work each day on teams. This allows me to have a log off their work and give them feedback. They will see that I have started a chat with each of them. Many thanks, Miss Newcombe



Remote Learning Day 11
Hopefully you are all feeling confident about our long division, over the rest of the week we will be getting to grips with long multiplication. In English we will be spending two days doing our Mini Challenge and we are continuing learning about Henry's wives too.



Remote Learning Day 10

It was so wonderful to see so many of you yesterday and I hope that you all enjoyed learning about Jane Seymour, writing some emotive styles and feel more confident in your short division. We are doing more of that today but with 3 digit divided by 1 digit and 4 digit divided by 1 digit. Let's crack this together :-) 



Remote Learning Day 9 I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend Happy Monday :-) There are lots of incomplete Mathletics and Reading Egg assignments. You should be on these daily. Please remember you are on reading EGGSPRESS, thank you.



Remote Learning Day 8

I have received some amazing work from lots of you today, keep it coming and thank you. Today is the end of this particular multiplication and division unit so that means it is test day.  Try your best independently and for English create your success criteria. Have both ready to mark, and share on Monday when I hope to be back with you all. Have a wonderful weekend.

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Remote Learning Day 7

It was lovely to receive some lovely fact files this evening. It has been a funny week and I am sorry I am not with you. The room is still spinning but I have stopped feeling sick. I hope you enjoy todays learning.


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