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Tudor Costumes 

The Tudors

Last week for our creative task, we researched Tudor costume and produced our own collages. 
Well done to everyone that sent in their pictures. They were all FABULOUS!!
Here are 4 great examples I was sent. More to come!

Mr Franklin


Adjusted Timetable 

Hello Everyone,

This is 4/5's new timetable. The morning and afternoon have changed slightly so please take a careful look to make sure you're ready at the right time.

I'm looking forward to seeing you all again on Monday!

Mr Franklin


Home Learning 

Home Learning 

There may be occasions, and for some of you it may be easier, to download learning from the blog. For that reason I am attaching the learning for Week Beginning 11th January here. I will add to it daily with an  update for the day's learning.

I hope you find this resource useful.

Mr Franklin

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Back To School - More or Less! 

Welcome Back To School

Well, who would have thought there would be such bedlam at the beginning of this term? Safe to say we've had to get used to a different way of teaching and a different way of learning very quickly.
I'm very pleased to say there weren't any disasters and only a few problem moments. That is all down to the children and the fantastic support from parents.

I know I've said it many time already but it's a BIG THANK YOU from me and every other teacher in school.

I will be posting over the weekend again and through next week, but for now am limiting it to publishing two timetables that give more detail.
From this you can see the whole week, day by day and the Guided Reading Timetable, showing the children what they will be expected to do each day. Those reading with myself and doing comprehension with Mrs Bersey will be expected to log on. Otherwise children can do their creative task or reading for pleasure offline. If they have any questions or need support, they can log on to the classroom session. 
I will be posting the reading groups on the Guided Reading Channel Posts.

I'm looking forward to learning with you all over the coming weeks.

Keep safe and well.

Mr Franklin


A Week of Learning 

Crazily Good Kennings

Despite everything, we had a fantastic first week back at school after Christmas.

We achieved a great deal, not least Mr Franklin getting to grips with the technology (it seemed to be second nature to all the children!). We all enjoyed learning about and writing Kennings.

Here are just a few of the fantastic poems I had sent to me... There will be more coming soon!

This week, we start a new English topic of scary stories. Be prepared to be frightened out of your bed-socks! You may not sleep for a week!
Mr Franklin


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