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First week of live teaching 

We are beginning our first week of live sessions with Mrs Lister and Miss Burrows. For those who are doing the live sessions, you will be able to see all of your slots on the Teams calendar. We will be doing a register for each session to ensure that we are providing this support to all children so if you are unable to make a session, please notify us beforehand.

All of you have received your Teams details and you will be contacted via direct message on Team from both Mrs Lister and Miss Burrows and this will be where you upload the home learning they complete each week. We do require at least once piece of English, Maths and Curriculum uploaded via this platform each week. 

This weeks home learning is attached below.

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Year 1 Home learning week commencing 11th January 

With 5 and 6 year olds, their attention span is often much shorter so please don't worry if you need to take regular breaks as 20-30 minutes maximum at a time is recommended and even that may be a little bit too long-all children are different. In school, our children are use to a timetable so they understand structure and routine so I have put a potential time table that you may want to use to support you.

The home learning will be attached below and please continue to email us if you need any support.

This week we will be holding a parent Team's meeting to start to build in some contact time with the Year 1 children and I will be in touch with an email about this on Monday.

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Year 1 Home Learning-rest of this week. 

Back to home learning we go but we will be here to support you every step of the way.

Each day we would like your child to complete the Maths, English, Curriculum and Phonics activity. Please also read with your child each day. All the resources are attached below that you will need.

If you have any issues please contact Mrs Lister ( or Miss Hearnden (

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Maths Learning 

Today we have started to learn our number bonds and we have made our own number bond rainbows.

We will be launching Numbots tomorrow so every child will bring home a login and password and we would like the children to be practising this at home weekly to support their maths learning.


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