Themed Curriculum

Our curriculum is made up of children's interests and works using a themed approach - sometimes the themes are history or geography based such as The Romans or Rivers for example and other times they are based on key questions such as 'what does a good museum look like' or 'what should there be in a garden?'.
Our aim is to make learning meaningful and memorable and for every lesson, every day to provide good learning opportunities for all our children.
We do not use a scheme, although we use letters and sounds to support phonics and teach literacy using the storytelling approach.
For more details of what is being taught please check the class pages.
Year 5 and 6 have been learning about the Tudors this term. To end our topic, we hosted a Tudor day for Pelynt and Polperro primary school. We had an action packed day including:
Crime and Punishment in the stocks
Clay pottery, crown making and paper weaving
Masquerade ball and bread tasting
Purse making and medicine making
We ended  the day with a falconry show!