What a great start to the 2017 -2018 academic year with the election of our House Captains. Well done to all the brave Year 6s who put themselves up for nomination, did some great campaigning around school and prepared wonderful, articulate speeches. Well done to Callum Palfrey of Hannafore, Isabella (Boo) Pike of Millendreath, Ashley Bellamey of Plaidy and Freya Jaycock of Talland.
What a busy day Monday was with two Harvest festival celebrations and collection of all our goodies by the Liskeard and Looe food bank. Last year we were able to feed 8 people for three days. We are hoping this year we will have been able to significantly have improved on this. Thank you to all our children and parents for their kind donations. We will keep you posted on how many people your generous donations have supported.
On Thursday 20th October 2016 Miss Newcombe and Mr Liddement were lucky enough to be invited to the Caradon in Bloom awards, where this years Year 4 and 5 children's garden was presented with a special award. We took Heath Liddement and Isabella (Boo) Pike to help us collect the award.
We were very surprised to also receive the Best in Bloom for the whole of the Caradon district and high praise from Edythe Coles.
We are always proud of our children at Looe but I was incredibly proud last night for our Year 4 and 5 children to get some recognition for their tremendous efforts. 
I would also like to thank all the parents, LSA's and teachers who helped in creating our garden, and the gardening club who will be continuing its upkeep across the school year. 
It has been a busy term across the school and we have been lucky to have some great visitors into Key Stage 1. We have had Reverend Sharp in to talk with the EYFS and nursery, the fire brigade to help put out the Great Fire of Looe and someone to teach the Key Stage 1 children how to Bollywood Dance.
In Key Stage 2 we have been busy preparing for our Christmas Carol concert, making items to sell at the Looe music festival, sleeping with sharks, visiting Rick Steins, hosting a Christmas around the World event and having a disco to celebrate the end of a busy term. Well done and thank you to all who have been involved and the children for their enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and please.
What a wonderful day for Remembrance with the sun shining over Looe. Thank you to all those children who supported their various clubs, and our school, so well. Mrs Fleming and I were incredibly proud of you. A big thank you to our three wreath bearers who had many kind remarks made about their conduct, you did Looe Primary proud.
What a spotacular effort at Looe Primary today! Some amazing outfits and face paints, a big thank you adults! As always we were amazed at how great the children looked and their understanding at why it is important to give to Children in Need. We raised an amazing £258 - £219 from dressing up but an awesome £39 from our Treasure Hunt! Thank you to all who supported us today and helped to make the lives of children less fortunate than ourselves better :-)