At Looe Primary, we believe reading is a fundamental skill for life. Not only can reading transport us to another world, it also helps us to learn about the world we live. Therefore, we encourage and support our children to develop and enhance their love of reading for pleasure and for information. 

We have updated our school library and it is now being run every lunchtime by a team of local volunteers . We cannot thank our volunteers enough as they have worked incredibly hard to update and run our school library.  
Three reads is what we seek.
We understand that our children have busy lives outside of school and participate in a wide range of extra curricular activities. Therefore, we would love it if our children could read three times a week at home.
New reading records have been created which include guidelines and weekly reading activities to complete. The children's reading records are closely monitored. Every classroom has a reading tracker to monitor how many times they read during the week.  When children have read 60 times they will be rewarded with a new age appropriate book for them to keep! They will be rewarded with the book and a certificate during whole school assemblies to celebrate their reading success.
We have recently involved all KS2 children to participate in a reading survey to help us know how we can improve and develop experiences and attitudes towards reading. 
During guided reading sessions all children will experience reading with their teacher, a learning support assistant, completing an independent reading task and a comprehension task. In EYFS and KS1 the teaching focus is mainly based on developing the children's phonological skills, word recognition and comprehension. As the children progress in KS2 the teaching focus is to develop children's comprehension and knowledge skills through high quality discussions and experiencing challenge from a wide range of texts and genres.