Attendance support

Please contact the school on 01503 262172 each morning by 9.15am to report any child absence.  If no phone call is received by the school than Mrs Juleff will telephone you by the end of that school day.
As a school, the level of attendance expected is no less than 95%.
If you have any concerns regarding attendance or punctuality please contact the attendance officer, Mrs Yvonne Langan, on 01503 262172 or by email
As you may be aware the government has reissued guidance to schools about children being taken out of school for holidays during term time.  Any hoilday requests need to be made in writing to the head teacher, Mrs Waring.
For more information please look under school information on the website, where you can find more information on attendance and holidays.
Our doors open at 8.30am each morning,and the class registar is complete at 8.45am.
Any children arriving after 8.45am are recorded as late with the code L and this is monitored.
Any children arriving after 9.15am will be recorded as late but with the code U which indicates Late, after the registration has closed , this is also  monitored,as this lateness has a direct impact on their learning.
Link to the educational welfare information, cornwall council website.