Our Staff

Senior Leadership
Headteacher= Mrs Waring
Assistant head and curriculum leader, pupil premium lead= Mr Arnold
Maths co-ordinator= Mr Smith
Foundation stage co-ordinator=Mrs Burtoft
Foundation=Mrs Burtoft and Mrs Gamble
Year 1=Mrs McCormack
Year 2=Mr Bowden
Year 3/4=Mrs Lister
Year 3/4=Miss Hearnden
Year 3/4=Miss Drake
Year 5= Miss Taphouse and Miss Newcombe
Year 6= Mr Smith
Year 6= Mrs Gribben
PPA=Mrs Rushton
Learning Support Assistants
Foundation stage= Ms Palmer
Year 1= Mrs Lozynski and Mrs Deegan
Year 2= Mrs Hodges, Mrs Deegan and Miss Harte
Year 3/4=Mr Liddement, Mrs Miller, Mrs Pike, Mrs Gregory, Mr Wheeler
Year 5=Miss Cook and Mr Wheeler
Year 6= Mrs Higgins and Mrs Miller
Pastoral Team
Mrs Langan=Attendance Mentor
Mrs Bersey=Behaviour Mentor
Mrs Skinner=Pastoral Support
Mrs Walker=Administrator
Mrs Juleff=Clerical Assistant
School Support
Mr Sands=Caretaker
Mr Nance=Cleaner in charge
Miss Reeve=Cleaner
Mrs Parnell=Cook