Illness and Medication

At Looe Primary Academy we understand that children can sometimes feel poorly. If they have been sick we need them to stay at home for 48 hours after their last bout of sickness so that we can keep as many children in school as well as possible.
However there are times when, after a bit of medicine, they are OK. On these occasions we would ask you to bring your child in and ask at the office for a medicine form. We need their parent or guardian to complete a short form giving us details of the medicine they would like us to give their child during the school day.
For example if they need Calpol at lunchtime, we need to know who needs it, what they need, how much they need and when. This form then needs to be signed so that we have their permission.
If your child falls ill at school we would endeavour to keep them here until the end of the day. Sometimes though we will phone and ask you to collect your child. Please make sure the phone numbers we have in school are recent and that we can reach you on them.