Attendance and Holidays

We recognise that families need to spend time together and that we live in a tourist based town. However, at Looe Primary Academy we work hard to make every day in school fun, rewarding and full of opportunities for all our pupils, so when they miss a day off school, they really do miss something special!
Illnesses cannot be helped however holidays can be booked at other times of the year. We have followed the guidance issued by the Government and do not allow any holidays during term time, unless in exceptional circumstances.
All holiday requests need to be addressed to the Headteacher, Mrs Janine Waring, who will review them along with the pastoral team and a response will be issued within 7 days.
Here at Looe we are encouraging pupils to attend as often as possible,if they have 100% attendance each month  their name will be entered in to a prize draw.   We will be making the draw on the last day of the summer term (24/07/18)
Please contact the school on 01503 262172 each morning by 9.15am to report any child absent or email Mrs Juleff on  Please do not email your class teacher. If no phone call or email is received by the school then a text message will be sent asking you to provide a reason for absence.
As a school, the level of attendance expected is no less than 95%.
If you have any concerns regarding attendance or punctuality please contact the attendance officer, Mrs Yvonne Langan, on 01503 262172 or by email



As you may be aware the government has reissued guidance to schools about children being taken out of school for holidays during term time. Any hoilday requests need to be made in writing to the head teacher, Mrs Waring.





Our doors open at 8.30 am each morning, and the class register is complete at 8.45am.


Any children arriving after 8.45am are recorded as late with the code L and this is monitored.


Any children arriving after 9.15 am will be recorded as late but with the code U which indicates late after the registration has closed, this is also monitored, as this lateness has a direct impact on their learning.